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Tuesday, 9 June 2015

The 400 Pageviews Song

This is an idea that Melissa from The Ice Cream Hut came up with. THANKS FOR 400 PAGEVIEWS GUYS!! Other than that, here is . . .

The 400 Pageviews Song

This all started with a single post,
25 facts without an ending,
There's a little blog and I'm the host,
I post everyday at 7 o'clock,
You guys seem to know that,
Because my pageviews go up at that time,
Then my chromebook goes flat so I charge it,
Then you get more posts,

I hoped you liked that random song!! Thanks for 400 pageviews!! Our next goal is HALF A THOUSAND!! This is crazy!! Sorry for all the exclaim mark, I'm just really excited!! Okay guys, I'll see you tonight at 7:00 or earlier, byeeeeeeee!

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Pageview count: 401 (WOOHU!!)



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