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Friday, 19 June 2015

A Wrinkle In Time

You may not have heard of a book called A Wrinkle In Time, I hadn't either until it got given to me for Novel Studies in Reading. I love reading and I can also be a bit of a nerd so I got super excited when I found out that we were doing Novel Studies. I remember a few years ago when the class beside mine got to read this big juicy book for Novel Studies and we didn't get to read anything, I was so sad, but now I can catch up on what I missed out on!

When I first got the book I thought it was going to be a boring book about time travel, this book was not like that at all. I'm really glad about that because I don't really like these books, I feel like they have no reality to them. Another thing about this book is it's strong characters, the main ones are a five year old boy who is extremely intelligent, the next character is a short tempered girl who is willing to put up a fight to defend her family, the final main character is a popular boy that comes from a poor family, he lives with people who are much less intelligent than him.

I am up to Chapter 8 (of 12) so I'll update you when I'm finished reading the book because ending make the difference! Have a lovely day and I'll see you tomorrow, probably with more than one post! Byeeeeee!!

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  1. One of the codes was Joy and Smiles and an other one was Guniea Pigs

    1. THANK YOU, now I have to figure out what to reward you with . . .


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