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Sunday, 28 June 2015

Amazing Beds On Pinterest

Hey guys, today I thought I would tell you about my obsession on pinterest AMAZING BEDS!!!!! If you haven't seen these beds then you have too, click HERE to see my board of amazing beds or just search it on pinterest, you will get addicted (in a good way) fast.

I love going on pinterest to see all of my random obsessions, it makes you feel okay about loving guinea pig jokes because if that many people pin this stuff then you're not the only one. I just got my pinterest account but I already have 100 pins.

If you want to see my pinterest account, click HERE. I suggest you follow me to see my obsessions, comment the link to your pinterest account and I will follow you, I will also follow back if you follow me.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope I have addicted you to looking at beds, I'm going to go now, sorry this post wasn't very long but you can expect another post today, MAYBE. Comment the code down below because this is the last letter! Okay, byeeeeeeeee!

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  1. Your first code was Joy and Smiles your second was Guinea Pigs and this one is Cupcakes.

    1. Thanks Emily, you get a shout out in tomorrows post!

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  2. Pinterest shopping as I like to call it! ;) It's pretty cool to see what people create huh?!?! Have a beautiful day Catherine! :)

    1. The most amazing thing about the amazing beds on pinterest is how they keep them like that, I wouldn't even want to sleep in those beds!

      Thanks Rainbow-Rose :D


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