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Tuesday, 16 June 2015

My Many Talents

Hey guys, this is an idea I came up with. It is not me bragging about how talented I am, it's me telling you how much of a dizzy frog I am. Here are three of my "talents". Enjoy!

I recently found out that I have the ability to fall up stairs, I'M SOOOOOO AWESOME (not). I never knew I had this life changing talent until a few weeks a go when I feel up the stairs, I have done this again since then.

My next talent is my eyebrows, they can go in weird straight lines, like this: \ /. People get freaked out when I do that thing with my eyebrows. I always try to remember how I do it but I never can, I just do naturally.

My final talent is being creepy, I can do faces, phrases and even songs! In J Rock I was the bad guy and I did a face where I couldn't see because of my eyebrows (sorry, it's hard to explain). 

I hope you enjoyed this post, if you want me to make this into a series then let me know in the comments or through email. Thanks for reading and I will see you tomorrow, byeeeee!

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