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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

My Website And How To Follow Me!!

Hey guys, I'm sorry I didn't post, I had gymnastics and completely forgot! In today's post I'm going to teach you how to follow me and tell you about my newly founded website!!

About my website, I was playing around on google and I found the sites app so I just tried it out. I added a page or something to my website to tell you guys about it it. HERE is the link to my website!!

Okay, next thing: 

How To Follow On Blogger

1. Go to your home page

2. Scroll down and click the "add" button

3. Copy and paste the following link into the "add from URL" thingy

And there you have it, you have followed me!! I don't know if you already knew this and couldn't be bothered following me because of the link or something or that you didn't know how, either way you now have no excuses!!

Thanks for reading and I will post soon!!

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