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Tuesday, 4 August 2015

#YOLO | Series One Episode 5

Hey guys, as I said on Saturday, this episode is going to be the last one for a while because I've got to have some suspense before the second series! This week's #YOLO post is going to be about regrets, I think that we all have them but we don't want to. I'm not going to say my biggest regret because I will be doing a whole post on that this month. I just want to talk about it. Enjoy!

I think that regrets are things that we don't really need but they can inspire you to live a better life. When something bad happens to you that you regret, you can take it as a way to live your life and not do what you  are going to regret, I see it as a consequence of the bad thing that you had the choice to do or not to do and you don't because of the guilt and regret that will come after. Regret gets to be a problem when you are never happy with yourself and you start dreaming about what could have been if you did something differently.

I want you to watch this video to understand something that helps me to not worry about regrets.
If that video doesn't work or you would prefer to watch it on YouTube, click HERE. I hope that that video has helped you to understand my logic if I miss an opportunity.

I hope you enjoyed that episode of #YOLO! How many of the challenges did you complete? Has this series helped you in any way? Tell me in the comments. The next one will come out on Tuesday the 1st of September. I'll see you later today with Day 4 of DailyAugust, byeeeeeeeee!




  1. I just love your posts, these are the things that i would never find myself so thank you for sharing this with other hopeless people like me =)

    1. Thank you so much Lexie, I find these things when I'm bored, I also sometimes look up random facts, that's how I know that watermelons used to be just 55mm compared to today's up to 200mm.

      Thanks :D


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