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Sunday, 23 August 2015

Our Timeless Thoughts and Other Unrelated Stuff

Hey guys! I know that I have only missed a few days day of blogging but it feel like weeks! Today I want to talk to you about another blog. I made it with Melissa from The Ice Cream Hut and it's called Our Timeless Thoughts. I also wanted to chat to you about when Melissa came to my house and also just a general catch up, let's go!

On Our Timeless Thoughts we have one post by Melissa, it's a test post so it's pretty boring (I know Melissa won't mind me saying that) but today I am aiming to write a good introduction. I have also just realized that I really need to post on Smilin'Bloggers but Grace and I have abandoned our blog recently! The focus of Melissa and I's (I know, good England) blog is to have little chats about our obsevations of people and life, I'm looking forward to getting really into that blog.  Did I mention that this is my 100th post on this blog?! Aaaaaaaarrrhhhhhhhh!!!

Over the last few day I have been having a SuperwomanVlogs marathon, I started at Day 1 and I am now on Day 13. I am telling you this because I have realized how easy these blog posts are compared to big YouTube videos. In a few of her videos she was scripting and filming her 300th video, it took her sleepless days and nights to create and seeing that happen has really put things into perspective. These posts are easy(ish most of the time) to make because you don't have to script them out or look good to make them, I am lying in bed in my cat onesie writing this!

Now tell you about my amazing experience with Melissa at my house. We were walking home (we only walk five - ten minutes together) then I just asked if Melissa wanted to come to my house for the first time so we organised it and she came! When we got there I showed her around and everything was normal then we decided to make the microwave brownie that I did a post on that you should definitely check out ;D. The brownie making started fatastically as we had no butter and had to Google "things that can replace butter in baking". The lists were full of things like prune puree, the only thing we might of had was canola oil. After about twenty minutes of searching we (Melissa) found the canola oil. We started baking, la de da de da, then out of nowhere the cocoa powder flew in the air, back-flipped and landed on the ground (I bumped it). We had to clean that up. Then we went back to baking, la de da de da, the canola oil attempts to do a back-flip on the bench but fails and leaves canola oil driping down the cupboards onto the floor . . . We cleaned that up but the floor was still slippery as we discovered when I asked Melissa to taste something. She came fast-walking along the floor then fell over. The funny thing about her falling over was that her facial expression stayed the same when she fell over, when she was down she rolled over laughing. She was literally ROFL-ing! So as I said earlier, the floor was still very slippery from the canola oil so I had the stupid idea to pour a whole glass of water on the floor, just in case Melissa and I had not done enough cleaning that day. Throughout the cleaning process we went through a cloth, all the paper towels, all the tissues and a roll of toilet paper. I bet Melissa really want's to come back to my house!

In other news, I am writing a novel! I don't have a publishing company yet but I will soon! I don't have a name for it yet but I'm thinking about calling it  Fighting Our Own Wars because it is set in a place where war is going on and you can guess the rest. I am up to Chapter One but I am really enjoying writing it. I will keep you posted (see what I did there) on that.

We have now reached the end of this longish post. Thank you for reading and I'll see you soon, byeeeeeeeee!




  1. wow amazing blog post ( as always) had a good read !!
    I just love your blog !!!

    I would love your thoughts on my new video


    have a wonderful day


  2. Hahaha your brownie making sounds like it was hilarious! Congrats on your 100th post Catherine, keep it up!


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