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Sunday, 5 July 2015

#YOLO | Series One Episode 2

Hey guys, today I thought I would give you Episode 2 of Series 1 of #YOLO. This one going to be about self-acceptance, I have been reading a lot of posts from Rainbow-Rose Blossom and she is all for self-acceptance, she has a board on her pinterest and it has lots of inspiring self-love quotes. I'm going to have lots of different options because our insecurities are different, I also have a little interactive game for you. 

Interactive Game

In this game, I'm going to ask you to keep reading if . . .

If the step doesn't apply to you then skip to after the big obvious line.

Keep reading if this year you have thought something mean about yourself, it could be anything, you may think that your thighs are too big or too small, you may think you are too big or too thin, it could even be something stupid like your nails are too short or too stubby. It doesn't even have to be about your appearance, you may think that you are selfish and self-obsessed or mean or even that your happiness is annoying people. In reality, you probably aren't too anything, but I'll get to that later.

Okay, most of you are probably still reading because we all have insecurities. Keep reading if you have thought anything mean about yourself this month.

Now keep reading if you have thought something slightly mean about yourself this week.


Most of you are probably still reading but continue reading if somebody has actually said something mean about the thing you were worrying about this week.

I don't think many people are reading this because usually these things are just in your head. But if you are reading this because somebody has said something mean this week then if have some advice for you, shove it up their ass and say that you are the perfect you RIGHT NOW, because that's the truth!


Your challenge is to see yourself in a new light because that 'new light' is probably how the rest of the world always saw you. It is natural to have insecurities but it feels good to have as little as possible. 

The game above proves that people will hardly ever comment on the thing you are worried about because it's so insignificant. Worrying about something that nobody will notice is a bit of a waste of time in my opinion but you can make that choice for yourself. Even though these thoughts are probably always going to be in the back of your head, it's up to you whether you want to keep them there or make those thoughts into a big thing. 

Your challenge is too wear those shorts or that blouse that you were too afraid to wear a week ago. Just remember that to love others, you must first love yourself, embrace your quirks!

Thanks for reading this post, I hope you enjoyed it. You may be getting a few more posts than you normally would because it's the school holidays!!! I'll talk soon, but I won't be able to post tomorrow because I'm going to a friends birthday. BYEEEEEEE!

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  1. Catherine! I LOVE this so much!!! This post is just amazing! Thank you for sharing and inspiring people with such an important topic! YOU just made my day and made me smile so thank you! <3 Thank you so much for the shout out and being the wonderful person that you are! I hope you have a beautiful day Catherine! <3

    1. Thanks Rainbow-Rose. I'm so glad that this post has made you happy! Your blog deserves a shout out because it's AMAZING!

      Thanks, :D


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