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Friday, 24 July 2015


I'm so excited over a new blog! It's actually not that new, let's just say it's a returning blog that used to be called Gymnasticsgirl!

Grace's new blog is called BlogginGrapes and she posts every Wednesday. This is a better, more realistic schedule, when you post at a specific time everyday, posting becomes a chore that you have to get through and the fun is gone, I try to post everyday but if I don't then I'm not worried. I think that Grace will stick to this blog for a bit longer than Gymnasticsgirl because she doesn't have the pressure of posting daily.

I really want you to head over to Grace's new blog and support her. Grace a genuinely great person and I think that you will love her and her amazing blog!

I hope you enjoyed that update on the return of Graces blog! I have to get ready for school but I'll talk soon, byeeeeeeee!




  1. Grace is AMAZING! ;D

  2. Ohhh thanx Rainbow and Cathetine. That is so nice. Right back at you guys. I check your blogs everyday. Both of you giys do amazing posts. I mean it.


    1. Thanks Amazing Grace ;D! You can call me Cathetine, haha!

      Thanks :D


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