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Monday, 20 July 2015

No Offence

Hey guys, recently I have been thinking about something and to be honest I don't really know where to start, it's touchy, complex subject. But I'll do my best. This post is basically going to be about resolving things by simply not being offended, this has been playing on my mind for a while so I wanted to see what you think.

Something came up on the news a few weeks ago about somebody saying something and thousands of people got really offended, then about a week later Prince Philip said something offensive. But what would happen if we just didn't get offended? I am not at all saying that being offended is bad or unacceptable, it is completely okay to be offended when someone says that your culture or religion is wrong. But it think that it's a bit OTT to get offended when somebody calls your cat fat, true story, this happened to me and I actually got a bit offended, I didn't want to get offended, but I did, which just goes to show that you can't always control your emotions. All I am saying is that it's nice to wonder what it would be like without this feeling, there would be positives and also negatives, just like removing any feelings. If you couldn't get sad then you couldn't be sad when a friend passed away but it would be positive in some ways too. It would be good if we could control our emotions but we can't so I should probably get over it. It's nice to wonder though!

Fact: saying "no offence" does not make your statement any less offensive so just don't say it!

What is your opinion on that subject? Tell me in the comments. I hope that you enjoyed that post! Have a magical day!



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