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Wednesday, 29 July 2015

It's Grace!!!

Hey guy's, it's Grace from Bloggin'Grapes!!!

Today Catherine is at my house because we take her to gymnastics. We decided to switch computers and do a guest post on each other's blogs. So if you were wondering why I'm on Catherines blog doing a post, there is your explanation. If you want to read what Catherine has written click HERE!! to read it. (Now I'm going to what Catherine does) A part from that welcome back to Smiley Central (HEHEHE).

Todays post is going to be about . . . Catherine wearing her new glasses at school today.

Let's go.

Today when I got to school and Catherine turned around to give me a hug (happens every morning) she had her glasses on. I forgot that she was getting them today so when she turned around I was like WHOAAA!!! She really suits her glasses so if she lets me I will put a photo of her wearing her glasses below this line. OK so she didn't want a photo of her on here so here are her glasses. She doesn't want pictures of her on the internet so I am going to respect that because I'm the same. So here are the glasses:

They suit her so much. But anyway back to the topic.

So once the bell rang and we were leaving Catherine just suddenly stopped. I was like Catherine what are you doing. She said was like OMG look at the grass. I was like yip it's grass alright, now come on. Catherine: "No, just stop and look at the grass. You can see each little strand of grass." (She actually said glass because she was getting her words jumbled up but anyway . . .) Grace: "Yes it has always been like that." She was like "Yeah I know but still look at it." Then we walked off.

Before that when we were walking towards the turf to give one of our friends there computer charger. Again Catherine stopped and admired the concrete. Catherine: "WHOAA there are stones in the concrete." Grace: "WHO NEW!!!!" Catherine "No, seriously before I got my glasses the concrete used to be a big, gray concrete blob. There was no detail in it at all!" 

She was pretty much like that all day. She just blabbed on all day about the ground. It was so funny.




  1. Hi Grace! :D Hahaha naww must be so nice to finally see things and appreciate that!

    1. It was sooooo funny

    2. It is!!!

      Thanks :D


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