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Sunday, 19 July 2015

I'm The Kind Of Girl Tag

Hey guys, I thought I would hit you with a second post because I wrote it all yesterday but I couldn't publish it because the internet crashed! Okay, let's go!

I was in the supermarket when I had an idea for a tag that might float around the blogging community, it's called the I'm The Kind Of Girl Tag. It's where the person tagged says five statements that make them unique. Then you tag five more people. I hope that you might feel inspired to embrace your quirks!

A big thanks to ME for nominating ME! ;D

The Rules*

- Thank the person who tagged you
- Include a link to their blog
- Write five statements beginning with 'I'm the kind of girl'
- Tag five or more people
- Include a link to your nominations' blogs
-Set a date for anyone not nominated to participate

*Include the rules

My Statements

I'm the kind of girl who dances around the supermarket.

I'm the kind of girl who pulls out the frame at a disco.

I'm the kind of girl that corrects ur grmmr your grammar.

I'm the kind of girl that thinks everything is cute (including trees).

I'm the kind of girl that loves inspirational quotes.

I Nominate . . .

If you are not on this list and you want to participate then you can on the 30th of July.

I hope you enjoyed this tag and I hope you participate and enjoy it! If you are the same as me for any of my statements or know someone then you can comment down below! I hope that this tag spreads self-love and always remember to embrace your quirks (I think I might do a #YOLO episode because that is a quality statement ;D) Have a magical day and I'll post soon! :D




  1. Naww this is such a cool tag Catherine and I adore that you dance around the supermarket! I once played Marco Polo in a onesie in Pak n Sav haha! Thank you for the tag not sure if I'll get it up on that date, got a few other tags backing up lol! Thank you though and should be up at some point! :)

    1. Thanks Rainbow! When my Dad lived in Auckland I would always go to the supermarket in my cat onesie all the time! That date was just for the people not tagged because I don't want to exclude anybody, you can put it up anytime!

      Thanks :D

  2. I would just like to add that you don't have to participate if you don't want to.

    Love Catherine

  3. Thank you so much for nominating me :) This looks like a really fun tag to do. I absolutely LOVE inspirational quotes, too, they are amazing! I will definitely try to get the post up in the next few days xx

    1. It's okay, I really love your blog! Yeah, inspirational quotes rock! I'm looking forward to reading that post!

      Thanks :D


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