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Sunday, 3 January 2016

Photography - Flowers & Plants - Part 2

Hey guys! You all seemed to like my last photography post so I decided to make a part 2 for you! I have more flowers and also some plants this time. All of the following photos are taken and edited by me. I hope you enjoy these photos!

I love this photo! This is plant that we take for granted but it is very beautiful. When I see this picture, I have a mental image of a little kid blowing on one and watching in awe as the wind takes it away.

I love the brightness of dandelions and I think this photo turned out pretty good.

The fern is distinctly New Zealand and I love it!

The pohutakawa is also a representative of New Zealand and I love all things New Zealand, it's my home.

I'm not sure what flower this is but I do know that it's beautiful!

I think I included this flower in my first photography post but it's so beautiful that I just had to include it again.

I love the way these flowers hang down, it makes you want to take a second look.

So that is it for today's post! I will have a new photography post out soon with a new subject. I hope you have a wonderful day and I will talk to you soon.




  1. Where do you find these wonderful plants?? They're all so gorgeous. The daffodil brings back memories & the last flower is so unique! x

    1. I actually found them in my garden, my Mum loves gardening but some of these plants have grown without help! I love the way the flowers in the last photo hang down.
      <3 Catherine

  2. That dandelion photo is amazing! It is so pretty! This photography is so good!
    Elise |


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<3 Catherine