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Friday, 8 January 2016

Beauty - Essano Rosehip Oil Chat

(I have had a small break from blogging because I went camping for a few days without technology. It was fun just living at the beach and planning posts in my tent late at night. I will unfortunately be having another break from blogging because I'm going to my Nana's house for about a week and considering she doesn't have a computer of cellphone, I don't think she will have internet. I'm hoping that I can publish a cheeky post if I find internet.)

Hey guys! Today I felt like having a good old chat about Essano's Rosehip Oil, it's honestly my favourite beauty product. Yes, you did read that right, it's my favourite beauty product. I'm sure there are many more brands that sell rosehip oil but a friend just happened to recommend the brand Essano so I bought it. I don't if the particular brand is sold outside of New Zealand but I'm sure you can find a great brand outside of New Zealand. 

Essano do a whole range of rosehip beauty products, including the actual oil, micellar water, night cream, hand cream, body lotion, moisturiser, eye cream and so much more. At the moment I have the rosehip oil and the micellar cleansing water that also removes make-up. I love both of the products and I am planning on getting more of these products in the future.

Before bed I put one or two drops of rosehip oil into my hands and apply on my face. I have been doing this for about two weeks and I have already noticed a huge difference in my skin. My skin is firmer and it has more elasticity. My skin is so, so soft and my skin tone is even. I can't believe the results!

If you have oily skin you might be reluctant to try rosehip oil but don't worry, it's a dry oil. Your skin will absorb it very quickly and it won't leave you with an oily face. Rosehip oil will make an amazing difference in your skin even if you think you already have too much moisture on your face.

I was amazed at the way my skin felt after just a few days and I wanted to see what else rosehip oil can do so I did some research and discovered that Rosehip Oil is also beneficial fro your nails and hair. To strengthen your nails, massage rosehip oil on your nails in circular motions, you will need one to two drops of the oil for all of you nails. This works so well! My nails are so much stronger and they aren't tearing off all the time like they used to. You can give yourself a nice scalp massage with rosehip oil on your hands, it will get the blood flowing in your head meaning that your hair follicles will be fresh and ready to grow more hair and the rosehip oil will hydrate and nourish your scalp and hair follicles so that when your hair does grow, it will be soft and shiny. You could also work a drop or two of rosehip oil through the ends of your hair. Don't use more than one or two drops of the rosehip oil or your hair may be too oily and you might have to wash your hair. If you use the right amount of rosehip oil on your hair, it will be soft and shiny.

After reading about all the benefits of rosehip oil, you might be wondering about the price of it. 45ml of Essano's Rosehip Oil costs around 27 New Zealand Dollars full price. It is slightly pricey at a glance but when you think about all the benefits and how long it will last, it's a really good deal.

As you can probably tell by now, I love rosehip oil and I highly recommend it. I was just reading the post back and it sound like I'm being sponsored by Essano but I'm not. It's just the only rosehip oil I've ever used but I'll definitely tell you if I find another brand I love. 

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