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Wednesday, 7 October 2015

What is OCD? (And Me Rambling)

Hey guys! Blogging is sort of like therapy for me. You guys are the people that I come to when I'm sad, happy or have something to share that no-one else will listen to me ramble on about, I enjoying writing things down and I hope you don't mind all the emotional posts coming your way. Today post is going to be an updated version (from a girl who now knows a bit more about blogging) of one of my first posts explaining what OCD is. My OCD has gotten a lot worse under the stress so I'm just going to talk it out and hopefully educate some of my new readers.

OCD stands for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. From a technical point of view it is very serious mental illness that causes "real" anxiety and even panic attacks for some but since OCD is a mental illness, it goes far beyond it's technical meaning. If you have OCD, you will completely understand me when I say that you become a slave for the voice inside your head. If it tells you to walk on and off a mat five times on each foot them you will do it because you have experienced all that anxiety that comes if you don't. If I, personally, don't carry out my order them I know that I will have another sleepless night where I worry about anything and everthing.

I don't really want to explain what OCD is because if I did them we would be here until Christmas! By the way are you excited for Christmas? I am! That subject changed fast! Thank you again for all of your support. Somebody at school talked to me about my Dad and I didn't know that she knew this blog existed! That was really nice because I now know that I am reaching a wider audience than I knew about. And that it's a small world. Thanks for reading and listening me ramble on in this outro once again! I love you guys, byeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!




  1. I totally understand, it's interesting how stress can make it worse, I find that too. I still have certain rituals and habits but they usually aren't as bad any more although I did have a nightmare where I thought I was an hour late to the gym the other day and then basically flew out of my bed to realise I wasn't, I had to laugh once I got over the shock and anxiety of it lol. You might find a book called The Happiness Trap by Dr Russ Harris really helpful and will most likely be right up your alley Catherine!

    1. Loving this background Catherine so pretty! Sending love, hugs and positive vibes your way! <3 xoxo

    2. I'm glad you're OCD isn'tas bad now. That nightmare sounds horrible! I'll look for The Happiness Trap in Whittcouls, haha. Thanks, I really like this background too. Me and Melissa for The Ice Cream Hut ( were sitting in the library for about 45 minutes revamping our blogs! Thanks for your comments! <3


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