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Tuesday, 26 May 2015

100 Pageviews and One Month of Smiles and ANOTHER Announcement

Hello everybody, today I need to thank you for getting me to 100 pageviews, this means a lot to me so thanks. This is also my one month blogging anniversary! Welcome back to Smiley Central!

Thank every single one of you so much, whether you supported me a month ago or stumble across me yesterday by clicking next blog. I know that TeamSmiley are will achieve so much more, 200 pageviews, 1000 even. I would also like to thank my good friend Grace who also has a blog (click here to check it out), she helped me figure out what I was doing.

I have a little announcement to make, I will be doing 'Post Marathons'. This means that I will be posting every hour on the hour 11 - 14 times, IN ONE DAY. I'll post every hour one the hour (I apologize if a miss an hour, I do have a life). I will do these randomly on any day that I am free (which will probably be in the weekend), I will tell you that I'm doing a 'Post Marathon" in the first post of the day.

Have a smiley day!



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