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Thursday, 30 April 2015

Step Families

As I said in my previous post, I have a step-dad, two step-sisters and a step-brother. My Mum has been married to my step-dad for almost five years, and the truth is, it's very hard to settle in with step families.

It's harder getting used to people when you live with them most of the time and if your personalities are complete opposites then, like with anyone, it's hard to get along. This was the problem with me and my step-dad. Let me describe myself, loud, confident, not shy AT ALL, slightly ab-normal ("really, slightly?" my friend's' responses), a gymnast (which can be very un-relaxing for some people). Now let me describe my step-dad, quiet, perfectionist, laughs serious things off. After five years, we still fight, but not nearly as badly, I have adjusted to him because I realized that he wouldn't, we still get annoyed at each other but it's much better that it was. The message? It will get better.

Now onto my step-siblings. One of my sisters and I are close in age, and we have a similar personality so we became friends almost immediately, I must have followed her everywhere because I always dreamed of a sister, and I got one, now she is a teenager and we don't hang out as much but we don't fight either. My step-brother is not what I dreamed a big brother would be like. I wished I had a big brother that came along to fight of the mean people and pick me up and spin me around, instead I got a boy that never talks to me. He often fight with my step-dad, the most recent was about food, he had eaten a whole chicken and complained that there wasn't enough pasta for him. The eldest child was a mean teenager but is now 19 and when she comes home from Auckland she leaves me out, but only on accident, so it's okay.

I still love my step family even when disagree with them, just like a blood-related family because when you consider someone as a family member, they are one. 

I hope you are having a fantabulous day and I will post soon.



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